Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips

Why Facebook?

One of the latest marketing tools that are being used today by businesses are social networks. Facebook alone with more than 700 million members is a very rich source of audience that will surely have an impact on any business. Whether you are an individual starting your own business, a small store owner or even a large corporation, it is important to stay in touch with your potential customers using Facebook.

Building your Profile

The first step to market your products is to build your own business profile in Facebook. You could start a Group or a Page dedicated to your business; just make sure that you choose the best category so that it can be searched easily. The best thing about creating this is that it’s free of charge!
Include all of the basic information about your business in the profile page. It will help if you could include photos as well.

Have People Like your Page

Now that you’ve setup a page for your business, the next step is to invite friends to Like your page. If you own a small business that caters to your specific location you can inform your neighbors or anyone in your town about your new Facebook page. This way your marketing will be focused solely on potential customers.
When people click on the Like button on your page any updates that you make will appear on their news feed.

Connect with People!

Since the purpose of a social network is to connect with people make use of your wall posts to bring your message to your potential customers. Inform them about your latest promos such as discounts or contests. Commenting on their posts also adds a personal touch which is an advantage to your business. Studies show that people are more likely to choose your business if yo have a connection through social networks.

The Power of the Tag

When you upload photos of your products or service the only people who can see these are those who Liked your page. One way to increase this number is by tagging people on your photos. This way, these photos will appear on the wall of those you tagged and can be seen by their friends. This creates an exponential increase in the possible number of people who will view the photos.

Advanced Facebook Marketing Solutions

To be able to reach the largest audience you are going to need advanced Facebook marketing solutions which certain companies provide as a service. This is usually availed by individuals who want to grow their business rapidly or even large corporations wanting to reach a certain demographic. It offers businesses a viable solution in reaching their target audience and brings a positive effect in any business.

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