How to be Economically Successful

Becoming a millionaire takes time and money, and it is something that not all of us have. Part of being successful financially is to see opportunities and having the ability to achieving your most desired goals. Honestly, that’s hard! What if your goal was to make a million a month? Wouldn’t that be great? Unfortunately, that is a non realistic goal. Now, let’s talk realistically. There are many factors that determine economic success. Dr Stanley mentions many factors in his book the millionaire mind, some of which triggered me to write this post. According to Stanley, Millionaires actually place emphasis on honesty, discipline, working hard, and having a supportive spouse. (pg 34) Many of this is true. Although I myself am not married, I can say that being honest with all people is extremely important. Stanley’s table on pg 34 consisted of 733 millionaires responses and the first factor explaining their success was being honest with all people. It ranked number 1 on the list.

This shocked me because I always thought millionaires were greedy people who lied, fabricated truths, and told many lies in an effort to gain wealth. Apparently I have grown to think differently and now hold my bias against these people. I respect and appreciate millionaires because they are smart enough to hold up this country still maintain to help others through charity and various foundations. So What’s important to have great economic success? Whole heartedly agreeing with Dr. Stanley they are being honest with all people, being disciplined, getting along, having a supportive spouse, and working harder than most people. (pg34). Start with these top five qualities and engrave them in your daily life.


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